Installation View at Mason Fine Art Gallery

Interstellar series is created by Atlanta based photographer Shine Huang in 2019, by using grind rice and photogram (an analog photographic process), revealing the idea of culture beyond time and universe.

The galaxy like silver particles scattered on the giant black circle which floating in the square frame. That is a complexity of artist’s concept formation and culture practicing. In the Chinese folklore, people believe the universe is a circle and the ground are a square (flat). The “galaxy” is the result of the rice being manually grind in the mortar and pestle. With the pass of the time, the form of the rice changed from grain to refined powder. The powder and grain are carefully placed on the photographic paper in the darkroom then exposed to the light to make image. In this process of image making, time is highly involved, physically and conceptually. Time can change lots of things: the shape of the things, the form of the things, but the essential of the things will still be remained.

On May 23, 2019, this series exhibited at Mason Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA. Simultaneously, the other edition of this series was shown to the public at the grand opening at Shanghai Hubei Cinema, Shanghai, China, as permanent collection.